There’s the approach that if you do something small per day then it will make a big difference in the long run. As someone with a very short attention span I’m a big advocate of this!

Looking at your online marketing once a day for a half a month (15 days) can have a tremendous impact.

I’ve detailed Online Marketing steps below which I think will help you. I’m going back to basics to make sure that you’ve got a good grounding in place so that when you come to update social media, your blog and send out a newsletter next time (next fortnight) everything is in place for a great return.

You can refer to some of my other blog posts for tips on the theory and how to do some of the stuff that I talk about. So please bear with me if I’ve skimmed to top line info on some of this stuff (and not gone into more detail or actually told you how to do that something).

Things will come up which may need an overhaul so do get the experts in to help you with this e.g. more workable website design or email marketing template suite (set up).

Also take a look at my posts on Instagram ‘Days’ so that you can marry up what is happening in coming months and weeks to push your online marketing to these special occasions.

Day 1.

Check your Facebook Business Page is for starters in existence(!) Update the About section on here to include your website link.


Day 2.

Check your Twitter Account is for starters in existence(!) Update the Bio on here to include your website link.


Day 3.

Check your Linkedin Account is for starters in existence(!) Update your profile on here to include your website link.


Day 4.

Check your Instagram Account is for starters in existence(!) Update your profile on here to include your website link. Remember that this is the only place on this social network that your website or any link will ever exist (Please don’t put links in posts…) so this one can be updated manually when you need to. Put your main website for starters on this.

With all of the above there may be other things on the various bios and about pages that you want to update and change. Take time over these days to do this. These form the basis which customers can find your website and therefore you!


Day 5.

Is your business on Google My Business? That’s the bit where you Google Search your actual business name and you should then appear on the right of the results. This also puts you on the map for industry searches e.g. plumber. You will appear with all of the other plumbers for example (if you are a plumber!) If you can’t see this then you need to register your business with Google. Wait for the postcard to come through and put the pin number into Google to verify your business.

You’ll thank me later for getting you to do this today!

Plumbers in Leicester

Day 6.

Write a Linkedin Article today (This is different to a status update). Include a link back to your website at the bottom of this. The article needs to be at least 300 words long and have a catchy title and talk about something that you are an expert in for your industry. You will be surprised how much engagement it gets vs a normal status update.


Day 7.

List an upcoming event that you are running for your business on your Facebook business page.

Eventually your Facebook Event will appear on your Google My Business listing on Google Search. So you’ll look all official!

Facebook Events on Google My Business


Day 8.

Upload a business video to YouTube. Add a title and some tags. Grab the link (Embed Code) and pop this onto your website in a blog post. That way Google will see you website as having video content.

You will create a YouTube channel at the same time so you can add to this in future also.


Day 9.

Have a think about blog articles today. You will need 13 for the whole year. 1 per month + 1. Put topics into a calendar so you aren’t stuck about what to blog about that month.

The Google postcard should be here now for those of you who did that. Please enter the verification code / pin into Google.

Make sure that you add your Website link to this also. If you already have Google My Business please make sure that your website link is present (In replacement of the above step which you may have missed!).


Day 10.

Have a go a creating / looking at Instagram Stories. Use some off the cuff fast moving content and have fun putting slogans, hashtags etc over this. Post and then see how many people you get who view it.


Day 11.

Create a MailChimp (Email Marketing) newsletter (Campaign) template today. Use the lovely themes that they have and swap content out for your own.

Also have a look today if you have a sign up form on your website for MailChimp…


Day 12.

Check that Google Analytics is installed on your website. You can right click on the homepage and view “Page Source” for this. Command and F on a Mac and search for “Google”. There should be some tracking code in there which mentioned Google. If it’s not there then you are missing out.

Google Analytics on your Website


Day 13.

Quick look at your website today and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Have a think and write down what the 15 key search terms that people will put into Google Search to find you. And no it’s not your business name. It’s things like plumber Leicester, plumber Leicestershire, boiler service, plumbing install, gas safe registered…


Day 14.

Write a blog post today (And yes you can use this for Linkedin also!). It can be one from your list or something different. I’m looking for 300 words at least and try to include keywords for your business.


Day 15.

Now that you are on Google My Business try asking existing customers for a Google Review. They will need a Gmail account and will need to Google Search your business and click the review button. 5 stars only please!


And there you have it. Phew! I’m exhausted! You can go back a repeat any of the days ,whilst I might think about writing 15 more days + 1 so that we have a whole month. Do enjoy!

If you like what you have read, or are abit confused, or now need some tea and cake – Then get in touch! Use the Contact Me form on this website and I’ll get right back to you!