You've been told the benefits... Now let me get it working for YOU!

Facebook Advertising

A minefield of what if and best practice and then add to the fact that they are always changing the rules!

I have experience of training and working with Facebook Advertising and can pass my gained knowledge and expertise onto you.

Includes Facebook Pixel set up and install for your website.

Email Marketing Help

The time for keeping in contact with your clients and sales leads has never been easier or cheaper.

Sending out a MailChimp newsletter can help readers make an instant call to action.

Blogging Help

Your chance to get your opinion out to the world and boost your position with Google at the same time!

This is your chance to shine.

I mainly post blog content to your website (but in the right way!)

I also research and write blog post and Press Release content for your website.

Just give me a great brief.

Google AdWords

If done in the right way and granted you pay to be there…

Google AdWords (Or Google PPC / Pay Per Click) can provide instant results (overnight success in some cases) straight to the top of Google Search.

It’s a force to be reckoned with and you need to get it right.

Email Marketing Help

With a simple message asking your audience (list) to click on an event sign up, or to visit a special offer on your website, you can gain instant results.

Email Marketing is quick; a campaign can be sent in a few clicks, or scheduled to send at a certain date and time (depending on your audience) – So no need to send individual emails from your usual email account (Which is a little naughty anyway!) and take aaaggggeess!

Email Marketing practices can also track who is opening your message, and if they click or not. Good eh?

Let Me Organise You offer a full email marketing service from:

  • Account set up (I tend to favour MailChimp as a good starting point)
  • Providing a form on your website so that potential contacts can sign up
  • General ‘List Building’ using trusted contacts you already have
  • Design of an email newsletter template
  • Sending campaigns on a timely basis
  • Reporting

I regularly send out hundreds of email newsletters for businesses and am well versed in the laws of opt in subscriptions and the managing of data lists.

Click here for my Email Marketing (MailChimp) Portfolio

Social Media PR

So what are the benefits to ‘doing’ Social Media PR for your business?

  • It supports the fact that people are interested in YOU – They want to listen to what you have to say.
  • It can generate business leads.
  • It cements the relationship you have with your existing clients, giving them an insight into Your World!
  • Adds another strand to your online marketing mix.
  • Raises your profile in your field of expertise.
  • You can become a Social Media Influencer in your business area / sector which can get others to buy.

Most small businesses do recognise the benefit of Social Media PR and may already have a Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter account – But are they being used effectively?

By working together on a clear cut strategy, I can help you to define where you want to be with Social Media PR and put into practice the: getting there part. This is mostly done through generating some really cool content (Content Creator). I’ll show you how or do it for you.

There is no point just ‘doing’ Social Media PR because you ‘can’. How do you think this will come across to potential clients?

Let Me Organise You can provide an efficient back bone service to help you to make sense of your strategy and where this fits into your overall marketing strategy.

This is offered as a review and then management practice, which you can of course take the reins on. Social Media can never be managed fully (because I’m not you or your business!) but the essentials are there for the taking. 

Pay Per Click (Google AdWords)

Google AdWords AKA Pay per Click (PPC) can get your website seen at the top of Google search results – Simples! Online marketing I believe is heading back towards search in some respects.

A myriad of information and a lot of time to waste getting to grips with PPC I can help by providing you with an overview of how PPC actually works. I can then work you to set up a campaign (which will include Ad Group / Key Search Terms / Ads – Both mobile and desktop.

We’ll end with targeting your advert to get you in front of your potential clients and customers. Need anymore info – Just ask!

Blogging Help

Be the expert in your field, communicate relevant information with your audience, and say a little more than you get in the 140 character limitations of Social Media.

You say that time is a factor… Not anymore – I can help you with that, and take it off of your hands. I know you have the intention and that it great – But once reality kicks in, wouldn’t it be great to pass this over to someone else?

Did you know that blog articles and Google rankings get on like a house on fire? Because if your blog is integrated with your website, then that this is a great way to provide your website with fresh weekly content. Simples!

Thank you Rebecca.

Your support / training with this (Email Marketing) has made a massive difference for my business. Particularly useful in ‘gently reminding’ people who have had treatments but don’t come on a regular / monthly basis and triggering them into contacting me. This has really helped stabalise my income and has helped spread news to friends of my contacts.

Thanks again my dear!

Eileen McCarrick-Brown

I am always confident that Rebecca will do an excellent job for me. All work is always done on time and with creativity.

I would recommend Rebecca to anybody!

Jayne Packer

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