Environmental Sustainability Policy

For Rebecca Harvey t/a Let Me Organise You. 2nd December 2011.

V1.0. The policy itself is subject to annual review.

Let Me Organise You recognises that its activities have the potential for both positive and negative impacts upon the environment at local and national levels.

The Company acknowledges its responsibility for environmental protection and also aims to contribute to the national commitment to sustainable development and its sector-based carbon reduction targets.

The company will seek to achieve continual improvement in how it understands and responds to its environmental impacts.

The company commits itself to:

  1. Communicate its environmental policy and strategy to owner and interested clients, to raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities and requirement to commit to environmental improvements;
  2. Comply fully and where possible exceed standards set in relevant UK, EU and international regulatory requirements and agreements;
  3. Reduce its carbon footprint through prudent use of fossil fuels (through energy conservation, management and efficiency within relevant buildings);
  4. Manage and reduce water consumption;
  5. Encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport as principal means of travel by Let Me Organise You on business;
  6. Reduce waste created and where possible to reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials; to use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible;
  7. Protect natural habitats and encourage local wildlife and biological diversity where relevant;
  8. Integrate principles of environmental sustainability within all Let Me Organise You policies and practices, specifically to those relating to procurement of goods and services;
  9. Avoid or limit wherever practical the use of environmentally-damaging substances, materials and processes;
  10. Work with local, regional and national partners to realise environmental projects;
  11. Develop Environmental Management Systems (in line with ISO 14001). Where relevant.


Rebecca J Harvey
Miss Rebecca J Harvey
2nd December 2011