Local Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can actually benefit YOU

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complicated place, but there might just be a shed of light shining right over your local town. Taking into account what your business offers to its clients and better if you offer local services or have a shop (Clicks & Mortar) that you can tap into this quite effectively.

The example of this I always use with clients is for an electrician. So as an electrician it isn’t always viable depending on job size and due to lost productivity in travel time to travel to different places – Which means optimising for local market can be key.

So, drumroll here… We optimise the electrician’s website (who is based in Leicester) for ‘electrician Leicester’ simples. This then means that for that search term (keyword) typed into Google, this website isn’t competing with the rest of the country (UK including London). Granted you would optimise the website for different and differing terms too, to cover more bases.

You can use Google AdWords (PPC) to the same effect, but be prepared to bid a higher amount for these too (Another subject!). The bid amount would not be as high though as it would be for ‘just’ electrician. See how this is a win?

Using organic SEO in this way – Basically sticking a place name after your chosen key search term cuts down competition than if that place name wasn’t there. My own research (OK read that as asking a few people) tells me that potential clients do search in Google in this way also, as they believe that it cuts down the amount of results coming back. There is also the trust factor in using a local supplier as they are easily on hand if anything goes wrong.

From a business point of view – Think about your competitors… – Most smaller businesses (sorry, not sorry for saying this) don’t do as well at online marketing (unless they are using Let Me Organise You…) as you might think – Due to the lack of time, expertise (dang that Google is always changing things!) and therefore money to put towards outsourcing or training – Which is where you come in, that if you do yours right then you will quite easily climb to the top of the rankings.

When I look at websites with clients, I do look to the local market for SEO in the first instance, as it’s a good grounding to work from – Learning what works locally, I can then apply this to national results.

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