I know it can be a bind and can leave you drumming your fingers against the desk but for it to work properly (and by that, I mean bring you engagement) then social media needs fresh content and lots of it.

The fairly new trend in content and content ideas and new ways to post are that of disappearing content. Snapchat has been doing this for year in terms of its ‘story’ feature. You add selfies and images with emoji’s, captions, location tags and other stickers pasted over them on your ‘story’ which then expire and disappear forever after 24 hours. You can really get creative with your content. In the 24 hours your audience need to rush to view them else they are gone forever. People don’t comment or like your story posts, but they can direct message your business.

A story can chart a journey, day in the life, experience on a trip or look back at general day to day. I tend to put ‘extra’ content in my stories which people may have seen before, or I update my story when I’ve got a few too many photos which I’ve took in 1 day! or something which doesn’t quite fit my aesthetic. It all works and is actually great fun at the same time.

Story posts don’t go into the main Instagram new feed, but people will see your profile picture at the top of the feed with the purple and pink circle around it. They can swipe through and click your story posts from there.

For business your Instagram account should be set to public so that everyone can see you. This will ensure that potential clients and customers can see your story content also. You can see who viewed your story posts which is great from a business point of view as you can see who is interested in what you have to say.

Story posts do disappear, but you can choose to Highlight them and list them on your profile, they will appear above your normal posts.

To add a story post, click on your profile picture on your Instagram account. You can add content from your Camera Roll on your phone. As I’ve mentioned story posts are a great way to share everything in-between.

Have fun trying this out!

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