Let’s face it, humans are down for any excuse to take a photo of themselves. Whether it’s a filtered photo or the thirst for likes that is the selfie; Instagram is the ideal platform to participate in this embarrassing, albeit ubiquitous, behaviour. Moreover, the use of hashtags can help draw more followers and increase the chances of that next, like.

Staying current and matching those daily hashtags can help you step up your Instagram business presence, and give your online marketing life that much more meaning. Even the newest Instagrammers know about #ThrowbackThursday, but how about #WisdomWednesday or #FeelGoodFriday? You’ll never be out of the loop with this post of popular Instagram hashtags.


Instagram Hashtags for Monday

Except for the rare occasions in which a bank holiday starts off the workweek, most people dread the very sound of “Monday.” Mondays can be a real drag and #MondayBlues is the perfect hashtag to express our true grief and utter dismay. As of the time of this writing, there are more than 1,626,807 posts on Instagram with the tag, so get to snapping those ‘office’ selfies and mundane panoramas of rush-hour traffic (“M1 car park”).

To give a more optimistic approach to your Instagram posts, use #MondayMotivation or #MotivationMonday, and overlay your favourite motivational quote on a Tahitian sunset (Use Canva to do this).

Motivation Monday


Instagram Hashtags for Tuesday

Still going down the more positive, inspirational route, check out #TransformationTuesday. Loaded with before-and-after photos, this one will help keep individuals focused on their personal fitness and business start up aspirations.

By the second day of the week, you’re probably getting itchy feet. Perhaps that’s why more than 565,546 posts have tagged their photos with #TravelTuesday, which elicits a feeling of wanderlust and a desire for locales that reside far from your ‘office’.

Do you have a favourite piece of tech? E.g your iPhone. If so, share your best shot of the gadget alongside the #TechTuesday hashtag. While you’re at it, why not ask a tech-related question and throw it in #TipTuesday. We all have little titbits of information to share with our followers. They will find it very useful too!

More than 181,000 Instagrammers have also used #TakeMeBackTuesday, which lets us seek solace pining for the days of yore.

Tip Tuesday


Instagram Hashtags for Wednesday

At last, it’s Wednesday, which means we’re that much closer to the weekend. Now that we’ve reached the mountaintop, it’s still uphill from here, and #HumpDay is usually a fairly optimistic hashtag for Instagrammers who’d like to express their sheer jubilation at making it through the first half of the week.

Two more hashtags, #WisdomWednesday and #WellnessWednesday takes a cue from #TipTuesday, allowing you to drop a little insight on your followers when need be.

The apt-titled #WayBackWednesday is another semantic manner of tackling #ThrowbackThursday a day in advance, or #TakeMeBackTuesday a day late, because one day dedicated to a trip down memory lane is just not enough!

Wisdom Wednesday


Instagram Hashtags for Thursday

Thursday has always been and will (likely) always be dominated by the preeminent hashtag, #ThrowbackThursday. With it, individuals and business reminisce about the past, and post photos of previous events, achievements, and moments from yesteryear. It’s fairly no holds barred, and there’s plenty of wiggle room for business given anything in your camera roll is technically a throwback.

If you’re feeling introspective with the weekend being just a day away, it might be wise to share your mental meanderings using the #ThursdayThoughts hashtag, which currently amounts to more than 254,523 posts.

Throwback Thursday


Instagram Hashtags for Friday

On Friday you could use the synonymous of #FridayFunday, a great way to showcase your business having fun and share a little behind the scenes action, which people love. You can share your #FeelGoodFriday photo too.

Although #FollowFriday isn’t as popular on Instagram as it is on Twitter, it’s still a wonderful tag to add when you share your favourite fellow business Instagram profiles.

More old business photos? The #FlashbackFriday hashtag is probably your last chance, though, who knows, you could always take a #SaturdaySojourn to yesteryear.

Feel Good Friday


Instagram Hashtags for Saturday

If there’s one thing humans love, it’s using living things as accessories in their own digital universes of self-obsession. / business online marketing! Thankfully, #Caturday has you covered. There’s also #SaturdaySwag and #SaturdayShenanigans, both of which can be used to document an entire day of business, those working over the weekend, prep for events or doing nothing in particular.

In case you missed showing a business in the chaos that was Friday, #ShoutoutSaturday is here to save the day. The tag has only been used around 29,100 times, however, so it might not get as much attention as other tags on Instagram.



Instagram Hashtags for Sunday

The weekend is virtually over, but never fret, there are still plenty of hashtags to make this day worth living (and remind people of your business!). There’s the all-encompassing #SundayFunday, for example. Consider this day #SelfieSunday.

Sunday Funday


Live it up! The #MondayBlues are right around the corner.

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