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Those eagle eyed WordPress Website owners running the latest version of the Yoast SEO Plugin will have noticed a Cornerstone Content flag coming up on some of your screens. There’s also a filter view in All Posts. Don’t be alarmed – Your website has not been hacked! (as I had 1 client ask me this week!) – This is Yoast’s way of helping us tell Google Search about Evergreen and Legacy Blog article content.

Cornerstone content Yoast WordPress Blog

I’m going to put Cornerstone Content into the SEO category – Yes it forms part of your overall Online Marketing strategy but for technology and doing for doing sake, it’s best to start with this in the SEO bag. Which means looking at Blog Post and Page WordPress tags, Focus Keyword (Meta), SEO Title (Post Title) and Google snippet (“Meta Description”).

But what type of content should we be flagging as Cornerstone?

Well the Posts (and Pages) need to be performing in their own right to start with – You can’t just flag every Page and Post as Cornerstone – Google won’t like that. They need to be important Posts and Pages. You can check best performing pages in Google Analytics.

I’d steer clear of About Me, About Us and Team pages though, as yes they are well performing, but they give information about the people behind the business, which is great for building your reputation once someone is on your site, but not so good for telling people information about actual products and services.

I’d like to think that for Cornerstone Content the Posts and Pages are presented if in real life as a report that you might read aloud. So keeping this short to stop people nodding off(!), but to get the point across and actually explain what your business / website is about / does. Maybe think to a combination of 4 Posts / Pages.

I wouldn’t get too sales-ey on content either; as mentioned give information, be informative, explain things, nice things people want to actually read (again check your Google Analytics to see what’s working). I’m going to flag this article for example, as it’s a very good ‘Evergreen’ performer for me and I think fits the bill.

If you are wondering what on earth I’m going on about and why I’ve suddenly got my geek on and it’s out of control, then do come on a SEO course and I’ll explain more and how.

P.s If you aren’t running the latest versions of your plugins – Why aren’t you. Check my blog post to find out why you should be doing this. Tut, tut!

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