Google doesn’t like Wix websites…

Wix websites for a while now (writing this March 2016) have been having problems ‘showing up in Google’ meaning that when you type into Google a key phrase to do with the business offering or the name of said business, the intended website doesn’t come up. Granted that you’d have to have some great SEO (search engine optimisation) to appear for the something to do with your business bit / key phrase being typed, but this isn’t usually an issue for good SEO practices (which we all should be doing) and for local searches – I digress…

Reason for the above is that (as rumour would have it) Wix sites aren’t being ‘indexed’ by Google anymore – That’s the bit where the spiders and robots come and read your website’s text and other factors whilst you sleep.

There have also been cases of Wix sites that were showing up in Google suddenly dropping out.


As we know Wix is a (supposed lol) great DIY and low cost website builder tool – Great for those maybe start up business that want full design control and have time to give it a go – I’m not a fan as I’m a fully fledged website designer and prefer WordPress, SQL databases, real HTML / PHP and CSS code. I must have converted 2 Wix websites over to WordPress in the last month alone…

I understand why business owners choose to use something like Wix, I do, I get it, dare say if I tried it would take me longer to learn the workings of Wix than to start a WordPress website from scratch…


Going back to Google and SEO – If you have a Wix site (and it works and gets traffic which converts to people contacting you – Again I’m saying nothing here… ) then you may have noticed a recent dip in user activity (I know that Wix doesn’t report into Google Analytics so I don’t know how you read the stats – Is there something built in?? – Whoops for not knowing this hehe).

In fact, it’s likely that you are experiencing a major decline in activity due to a recent issue causing numerous sites powered by Wix to drop out off the Google index. Google as a cycle and rule usually indexes normal site content every couple of weeks – Blog content (which is dynamic) is crawled much more frequently.


The appeal of Wix (and as I’ve mentioned above) lies in its affordability and ease. – But then what’s the point if nobody can find your website.

Wix’s easy-to-use site building process eliminates the need to hire web development experts (me!), making it an attractive option for start up businesses hoping to save money. Unfortunately, because all Wix sites use one main platform, individual webmasters experience much less flexibility and control than they would with a personalised platform / theme.


Forums (from what I’ve read from a Google POV) have been flooded on this topic. Google Webmaster Help forums have been littered with discussions over the last couple of months about Wix sites that have disappeared from the index (just as the company are stepping up a big Facebook Ad campaign – Go figure!).

Google has issued an apology for the hassle, and told Wix users that they will take another look through the set-up of Wix sites – As we know though, even with ‘proper’ website design and development SEO isn’t an easy thing.


Still using DIY Website Builders? – Give me a call!

If you think you’re saving a lot of money by building your own using website like this, then do think again. You might be losing more and more clients if your website is not mobile responsive, doesn’t look the ticket and not properly built SEO wise.