I’m not going to lie, I’m a massive WordPress advocate. I’ve been using it for the most part of 10 years now and with the addition of Divi which means that we no longer need rigid themes, a website can pretty much look any which way I want it too.

I personally don’t rate a ‘non professional’ platform such as Wix. Sorry. I see this as a DIY type of website which is great for… actually I can’t think of a reason. I’ve been told they are easy to ‘design’ with (whatever that means), so there you have it. My top blog post ever has been to tell you guys why Google Doesn’t Like Wix Websites, so please do give that a read if you haven’t already!

So back to WordPress. At time of writing I believe that about 30% of the internet is now powered by WordPress. That’s quite a claim to ‘online’ fame. I also want to prove to you that you are in good company by listing and linking to some of the famous sites which use WordPress. Yes they will have varying ‘themes’ on top, but Divi can do most of this.

I currently have nearly 100 live WordPress sites, so again you are in very good company! OK so let’s see what legit big brands and famous people are using WordPress… So stick that Wix – Who do you power famous websites wise?

P.s I’ve kept this list to a very UK based market and also who I rate, as there were tons more. I also appreciate that some of these are the blog part of main websites. This goes back historically to when WordPress was used mainly as a blogging platform and has since leaped on in technological bounds.

You can check if a site is using WordPress by looking at the site and right clicking for Page Source and then searching for “wordpress” or “wp-content” with Command F (On a Mac). I’ve double checked all of these and they all check out…


Whole Websites made using WordPress


When it comes to tech and start-ups, TechCrunch is one of the biggest names in the industry. That’s why it’s so cool to see them uses WordPress to power their entire website.


UPS Global

Shipping giant, UPS, uses WordPress to power their Global UPS site, which provides a huge variety of tips and tools to help with international shipping.


People Magazine

People.com is a popular entertainment magazine in the US. People.com’s website is powered entirely by WordPress.


The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary. Their archive site is built on WordPress which is great as it needs to work on all browsing platforms for loyal readers.



Variety is the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news reaching an audience of affluent influencers. And they trust WordPress for their website. Great going with a global following.


Sony Music

Sony Music is the home to some of the most loved, recognised and commercially successful recording artists in the world. The international side of the site uses WordPress. Can you really be in better company?


Sweden’s Official Website

That’s right, Sweden have put their trust in WordPress to support tourism for the country. So thank Abba for the Music, Ikea for the Furniture and WordPress for the website design!


James Bond 007

Top level security and ultimate coolness… Well that’s WordPress anyway. If it’s good enough for James then it’s good enough for local biz. Loving the flexibility of this website which clearly speaks to 007’s different audiences.



A theatrical show consisting mainly of traditional Irish music and dance. With a score composed by Bill Whelan, it originated as an interval performance act during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Still going strong and they needed a website. Where better to look than WordPress!


Marks & Spencer Business

This is the corporate side to national favourite M&S. “From colleagues to clients, help others spend life well with M&S Corporate Gifts. Discover our solutions today.” They offer this from their WordPress website. I’m proud!


BBC America (AMC)

BBC America is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is jointly owned by BBC Studios (UK) and AMC Networks. Great service and their site is WordPress! Boom!


The Walking Dead (AMC)

This is the same company as BBC America, so as a brand roll out for varying shows WordPress works really well. Currently in it’s 9th Season TWD has clearly get the right idea for a great legacy website in WordPress.


The Metro

This is the freebie paper that you get as you as you walk out of the London Underground… Actually an entertaining read with a great website to back it up too. And like the theme of my blog post… It’s WordPress!


The New York Times

The New York Times: Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion and the platform that it puts it on is WordPress and it’s the whole site!


Wil Wheaton

Geek icon (Stand by Me / Star Trek Next Gen / Big Bang Theory) WW starting blogging over 15 years ago and I think started out like most of us website designer / developers did… I personally know I’ve still got the cabling from when I used to have hosting servers in the garage! Need a bit more bandwidth now though Will!

So I started working on stuff and things, and after a few days of not-very-intense and stupidly easy work, I taught myself WordPress. I installed it on my server. I imported all my blog entries. I messed around with some themes and basic design things. I installed plugins and widgets and made it look like something that didn’t totally suck. There’s still a little bit of fiddly under-the-hood server stuff that needs to happen, but it’s pretty much the way I want it.


Katy Perry

KP has had her website made from WordPress for years. I often use this as an example when I train “Essential Website Design for Biz”. Her site is a hub of news and info plus tour info. The site is actually produced by a ‘local’ Bristol agency >> So we can add Oasis to this list too.


Snoop Dogg

American rapper, song writer and record producer, so having WordPress you know that you are in cool company! Like a few recording artists WordPress has become a go to. Cool looking site and we know it works for those that need to update it.


Tilda (Rice)

This is a great example of a different kind of business using WordPress for their website. Needing worldwide recognition WordPress can certainly handle this. They have the flexibility of adding recipes to the website which certainly goes down a treat with readers.


Usain Bolt

Top platform for a top sports person (Though I don’t know much about sports unless they are performed on 2-4 wheels!) But nice to see celebrity going back to basics and using WordPress. Always likely a professional would have set a site up shows trust in this also.


The Rolling Stones

The band theme continues here. Latest information including Enter Site button `and tour information. The good thing with WordPress is that when updated to the latest version it stays compatible with most internet browsers and screen sizes!


Readers Digest

Traditional company and big website made on WordPress. It’s great to see this opted for. The main ‘mag’ is published 10 times a year so the website supports this and all the bits in between.


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer, a multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG. Yep, the euro side of a fully-fledged car company use WordPress. Good on them for trusting in the platform for reliability and service to their customers.


Angry Birds

Rovio took the world by storm in 2009 with Angry Birds, an international phenomenon that quickly became the most downloaded of all time. Over the years, Angry Birds has seen rapid growth and evolved into an entertainment brand that covers animation, books and more.

This one will make you laugh. The popular app game for mobile phones and tablets, has a home on the ‘normal’ internet and it’s WordPress.


Blog Websites made using WordPress

Windows Blog

Though the Windows Blog has recently taken a tumble in the Alexa rankings, it’s still a website from Microsoft powered by WordPress, and that’s pretty dang cool!

The blog is regularly updated and clearly, something that Microsoft takes seriously, which makes this an interesting use of WordPress by a major brand.


Harvard University Gazette

Harvard University uses WordPress to power a huge number of student and faculty blogs + Gazette across all of its colleges. Harvard University is, obviously, one of the most well-known universities in the world, so it’s cool to see them using WordPress in such a heavy-duty manner.


The Skype Blog

Microsoft powers the entire Skype Blog using WordPress. The Skype team updates the blog multiple times per week, making this a serious use of WordPress by one of the world’s biggest companies and websites.


The Starwars Blog

I’ve known about this one for years. Again showing great trust in WordPress and it’s future development and sustainability. May the force be with you WordPress!


The Etsy Blog

Etsy is a popular handmade marketplace that’s taken the world by storm. They have a high-traffic Etsy Blog that shares all kinds of tips for craft fans and shop owners. This blog is a serious content (SEO) marketing effort – not a throw-in. And, it’s powered by WordPress! This one is a great example of a major brand leaning heavily on WordPress for a very important part of its site.


Facebook Newsroom

That’s right, Facebook uses WordPress!… Ok so it’s not the main site! But I couldn’t leave this off the list because it’s so cool to see the world’s largest social media network running its newsroom on WordPress.


Disney Books / Oh My Disney Blog

Ever heard of a little company called Disney? Disney uses WordPress to power its entire Disney Books site. This site uses what I assume is a custom post type to display all of Disney’s books.

Beyond that, Disney also uses WordPress on some other parts of their site like their Oh My Disney blog.


The Mozilla Blog

The company behind the website browser Firefox have their blogsite on WordPress. This means trust and that WordPress sites work well on FF right?


cPanel Blog

A website hosting staple and industry recognised for those geeks of us in the know this is a valuable resource. This blog needs to be reliable and load quickly for when we get stuck with something!


Tim Ferriss Blog (WordPresss.com)

The man behind the influencing Digital Nomads everywhere (4 Hour Work Week anyone?) and why wouldn’t he have the flexibility of WordPress for his blog. Tim uses a slightly more ‘independent’ version of WordPress(.com) but it works all the same.


Evernote Blog

This is a brilliant to do list package and much more to boot. Their blog is on WordPress, which means it reliable and I’m sure, easy to update from anywhere. Thanks for the trust!


Playstation Blog

Too cool for school. Glad to see a (another) Sony brand putting their trust into WordPress for a reliable service. Blog sites for different regions (America and Europe) have been active on WordPress for quite sometime.


MTV Blog

Or rather their News Channel for this main website. Bringing all the latest gossip on the latest shows in a magazine style format layout. Using WordPress in it’s historical form this site has been going for quite a while.


SAP News

I used to use SAP in a previous life (back end product / retail website population and reporting) and it was awesome. So it’s nice to see them returning the favour and using WordPress for their blog (Ok so they call it news, but I like Blog better!).


Ted Blog

For anyone interested in, well anything, Ted Talks are imperative. Total inspiration and fact setting. Their blog in on WordPress, woo hoo! Updated regularly as I’m sure it takes advantage of the CMS (Content Management System) which 50% of all CMS’s use…


The Wall Street Journal Blog

Providing online coverage of braking news and current headlines from around the world, this blog (opinion and article) site runs primarily on good old WordPress. Reliable in it’s nature and obviously a good choice for a news site.


IBM Jobs Blog (WordPress.com)

As with many blog sites, the company IBM have chosen to run their job advice, help and general information blog on WordPress. A top tech company, so this just goes to show what a good choice WordPress is and that it’s here to stay.


Flickr Blog

A great photo showcasing website and around long before some of the leading social media sites out there. Flickr’s blog design and development is with and on WordPress. Trusted and up to the minute. What more could you want?


The Hootsuite Blog

A social media ‘seismic’ platform HS is great for those on the go (Social media networks aren’t keen though!) However I couldn’t leave off of the list that this big web company use WordPress for it’s blog. Got to carry some clout then!


Some of my info borrowed is from here… Well we’ve all got to start somewhere!

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