Facebook is making some major changes to what we see in the newsfeed (you do check yours right?!). It wants more people and family updates to appear which pushes business updates out of top stories, maybe even completely. This, even though it was reported in the press recently seemed like a shock, won’t come to the hardened business owner as a surprise as Facebook have slowly been pulling the rug from user organic updates for years. And we all know why, if you read my first point to get your content to ‘still’ be seen on Facebook news feeds.


Do Facebook Ads

There are many options for this now. By boosting posts, getting people to like your page (to gain more exposure) or sending traffic to your website Facebook have a paid and targeted option for all. It will of course cost you and you’ll need to add this costing to your marketing budget, but it is a targeted way forward. I’ve had some great client successes using FB ads.


Use More Facebook Video and Go Live!

Video content is still key, so get recording and uploading to Facebook. Watch the engagement roll on in! Video content is prioritised over links, text and images, so you would be silly to ignore this.

Live video will let you engage directly with your clients and potential customers. Announce that you are going Live through a series of social media updates and then get going.


Have a Facebook Group and Use This

My recent blog post will tell you more about this, but Facebook Groups – Whether they be personal groups, or a Business Group don’t seem to be affected by the changes. This will enable you to set up a forum for your business where you can freely add people and update the group on your latest business updates.

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