As we already know, Facebook doesn’t favour organic Business Page updates (Posts) too kindly. They get put at the bottom of Top Stories for anyone that even likes your page to begin with, they appear days later to your fans and barely gain a lot if any Engagement anymore due to their lack of Reach.

Facebook as we know is pushing you to advertise with them, and quite rightly so as they have a lot of valuable data gained from users which you can actually tap into, albeit paid, to advertise / boost posts to and actually gain more. It just costs money for the business owner to do so.

To get around the lack of organic (non-paid) love, Facebook Groups are becoming quite the norm now. Again, quite rightly so as they encourage conversation rather than outright sharing of posts (updates) and trying to get content to go ‘viral’ from lots of shares. Sharing is out, conversation is in.

Facebook Groups are also floating under big brother’s radar and have encouraged the group admin (business owner) to provide more meaningful premium content. A Facebook Group acts as a forum for your business if you will. Ideally (online) marketed to existing clients who pay a premium to be in your group, business’ are now rolling group membership out to non-paying, but potential clients and still sharing the same premium content. So this is going to take a bit of hard work, but it should pay off. Facebook Groups just provide a better platform to put content on and kind of by-pass the need for Paid Ads.

The online community is huge and conversation is what makes this happen. Facebook want part of this also, they want you to stay on Facebook and not leave to look at links, websites, advertising or otherwise.

Facebook Groups work on people power (Much like Linkedin and it’s Pulse Articles) so you will add actual people (Friends etc) to your group or have them find and join you. You will choose whether you would like an “open group” or a “closed group”. Obviously as with any privacy settings on social media for business, having an Open Group will mean that people can get a taste of what is happening in the group before they choose join. An Open Group will provide this transparency which many of us have to provide with social media for business.

You can also share in this by joining other business’ groups and commenting on posts and sharing your knowledge in these groups. Again, this comes from a personal (Person) perspective and of course a personal profile (which anyone who works with me or has been trained by me will know is my preference for having Facebook set up as a personal (Person) hosting account for your Ad Manager Account and your Facebook Business Page).

Apparently, Facebook are going to help to push group memberships by putting tasters in front of people on their News Feeds (Top Stories) so we’ve got that to look forward to. Facebook have no plans for Advertising in Groups but have been quoted as saying that it “Can’t speak for future plans”. Hmmmm…

Anyway, do give it a go. Set up a Group for your business and see where it goes. Post interesting content and hopefully people will spend meaningful amounts of time in your group. Facebook has the medium and the technology; The rest is up to you.

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