I know that this exists in terms of wanting the latest iPhone, SMART TV, or MacBook, but it’s a thing that I’ve been noticing more and more exists in business (with entrepreneurs, partnerships and small business owners wanting the latest shiny online marketing gizmo).

I have clients coming to me all the time (and it’s not their fault) saying, ‘did you know that this is a thing’, ‘have I got this in place?’, ‘so and so has this and it works really well’, or the best one; ‘such and such has looked at my website, and now this needs doing…’. As I mentioned it’s not their fault. People love to chat about their business, and an evening down the pub can often turn into an “education” and networking session, but these things have their limits, and the person giving the advice won’t often be in the best position, know company history, or have my client’s best interests at heart. It’s often just small talk and waffle.

Website development can be the worst when this starts from execution. I call it ‘design by committee’ meaning that that there are mixed messages coming from elsewhere – And you know what? I can always tell when the client is asking me something that they didn’t come up with themselves.

I love my clients, I’d be nothing without them; the lightbulb moments; delivering training, helping them a realistic online marketing solution and giving them a decent website really pleases me

It’s most likely innocent and often comes in the guise of people wanting to be for example on every social network, wondering why something doesn’t work as it should e.g. a website speed or email address, or getting frustrated with not much success (based on input) with online marketing and looking for a quick fix or (and I had this last week from non-client) – The ANSWER. Well if I know that then I’d be driving an even speedier car than I do now! And you don’t need to be on every social network – Have you been updating the one at least once a day with engaging content for the last 2 years now? No, I didn’t think so : )

I’m not saying that I’m a control freak and everything needs to be done my way, because I’m right… (well actually I am… !) but there is room for manoeuvre-ment.

The chances are that you don’t need the SOS item because you aren’t doing the core thing that you are supposed to be doing correctly and consistently (yet). It’s OK though, because the future will happen, there’s just a certain order for things to follow first, and sometimes it’s a case of giving things a chance. There are no shortcuts in this.

Looking at this broadly for example; a client moans that their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) isn’t working, yet they aren’t consistently blogging every 3 weeks to 350 words in a non-selling format. I can’t perform miracles people…

It works for people too. I’ve lost clients before to the ‘big agency with lots of staff (yawn…)’ who will wine and dine the client into cPanel handover submission. I can’t be in all places at all times and when they do go, I’ll happily say goodbye (and wave!), as they get handed over to the call centre style help and expertise. I’ll stick with my loyal clients thank you.

SOS can stand for ‘planning and strategy’ too. I’ve lost count of the ‘competition’ that I’ve seen offering online marketing plans, online marketing planners, social media calendars, online marketing strategy, you get the jist – I even had a client go on a ‘competitor’ course on this a couple of weeks ago (I was at Center Parcs so literally couldn’t split myself into 2 to intervene). And you know what they never actually came away with an online marketing plan, just ideas and a to do list – Fantastic! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side! AND, they still asked me for help afterwards, after I explained what a farce planning was (in respect to their business and the needs that I know that they have) – IF you aren’t going to follow through, and face it, most business owners are too busy to. E.g. this client hadn’t blogged for and year and a half for starters. So here’s your plan. Blog more.

For me, most of this is a no brainer, but I can see how entrepreneurs get bogged down with messages from others and we are all guilty of it. I for example still refuse to use Zoom or host discovery calls, preferring to meet in person over a coffee than some jumpy Skype style call where we stare into each other’s eyes for 45 minutes; but hey, that could just be me!

And WOW do I feel better for writing this. Merry Xmas ya Filthy Animals! ; )

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