You’ve got your Divi WordPress website. You’ve got your (FREE) events calendar plugin installed and showing your latest events. Now, it’s time to start selling event tickets or course places.

Of course, you could sell tickets on Eventbrite (through PayPal) – there is minimal set up required on the third-party site. But the benefits of selling your tickets your WordPress website might outweigh the convenience of using an external event ticketing platform.

The benefits of selling tickets on your own WordPress website

Complete control and design flexibility. Keeping your ticket sales on your website means you control how ticket sales integrate with your events calendar, including the design, so you can make your ticket sales match seamlessly with the rest of your site.

More money in your pocket. When you use a third-party ticketing platform, you (or your attendees) will inevitably get stuck paying booking fees. By keeping ticket sales on your own site, you’ll save money and your attendees won’t get frustrated with any extra fees (you do still pay the PayPal 2.6%, but you will pay that anyway for WooCommerce products selling through your site). You need WooCommerce installed to sell tickets by the way.

You’ll keep people on your site. When you sell your own tickets, there’s no need to send people to an external site to complete their purchase. Even though you may choose to post your event to other sites like Facebook to help spread the word, it’s risky if that’s your only method for promoting events. Keeping people on your site is the safe and sustainable choice, and they may look at other things whilst on your site.

Totally customizable events. Add visual flair with featured images or add any other bespoke touches you desire to your event listings. By maintaining full ownership of your ticket sales, you also control your event details. You can even use your event pages to help bolster your SEO efforts (There is a Yoast meta to fill in for each event ticket listing).

So, there you have it. This is something that’s possible and has many pros. Do let me know if you would like to get started.

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