5 Reasons Your Facebook Business Page Isn’t Being Liked

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook business page doesn’t get as many “likes” as you think it should? After all, with over 1 billion users, you would think you would have thousands of likes. Unfortunately there are reasons that your page may not be getting the likes you think it deserves.

Here are 5 of the reasons your page isn’t being “liked” on Facebook (not in any particular order)…


  1. Your cover photo violates Facebook’s Cover Photo Rules. 

Facebook has a list of rules for a page’s cover photo. Some of these include NO phone number, NO address, NO website address, NO call to “like” the page… There is to be no more than 20% text in your photo. It’s part of walking the talk. Take a look at yours – is it following the rules?


  1. You never post.

The purpose of having a Facebook page is to engage and build relationships with your followers. If you never post, you won’t make that connection. If you ask me to “like” your page and I go to it and you haven’t posted in over a week or not at all, I won’t “like” it.


  1. You “liked” my page but are only interested in swapping “likes” not building a relationship.

Facebook page admins will participate in Facebook Fan Page Parties looking to connect with others – either in their industry or those pages that interest them. When I participate, I am not interested in “like” swapping, meaning liking that page so they will like yours and increase your like count, I am genuinely interested in what you have to say. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that. If you post on my page just to ask me to “like” yours back, I won’t. It’s an indication that all you are interested in is my “like”, not the value I could bring as an active follower.


  1. Every post on your page is a sales pitch.

I understand everyone has something to sell – that’s why we have business pages. Social media is about engagement and relationship building. People do not want to be sold to. If I found your page and all of your posts were “Today only…” or “We are proud to offer the best…” I won’t like that page. That shows me that you are all sell-sell-sell and not interested in engaging with me. It’s good to keep a good ratio of self-promoting posts and non self-promoting posts. For every 8 non self-promoting posts, it’s okay to post 2.


  1. Your posts are full of spelling and grammatical errors.

If your posts are full of misspellings and grammatical errors, it simply does not look professional. Learn when to use “it’s” versus “its” for example. Facebook does spell check, so look for those squiggly red lines before posting. Would you want a prospective client seeing that on your page? I didn’t think so.


These are just 5 simple reasons people may not be “liking” your Facebook page. Every person is difference and has their own reasons for doing or not doing something.