Social Media Planning

Social Media is a form of Online Marketing.

Which Social Media to use?

Twitter? Linkedin? Facebook? Instagram? You do not have to be on all of them but you do have to be on the ones where your clients are.


Who is going to maintain it?

Whether there is only you or a team of people and you have 5 different platforms to update and a blog to write content for it can become very time consuming. So you need to think carefully about the first question in relation to how much time you can dedicate to keeping things updated. Think about how much time you can give to your platforms and then work out a reasonable amount of updates.


How regularly can you update Twitter for example?

If it’s Twitter it really needs to be 5 x daily. You do need to be realistic about what you can do, regularly updated content is better than no updates at all.


How are you going to find content for your social media?

Facebook Business Pages are great for engaging with people and asking their opinions or running promotions. You can’t just chat on Twitter and hope it will bring in clients – you need to tell them what you do in a non direct selling way, and how will you change your tone for LinkedIn? Will you answer questions on LinkedIn? Perhaps create a hashtag on Twitter and share information for a specified length of time?


What is your measure of success?

Is it more followers on Twitter or Likes on Facebook? Or is it about the conversion of contacts into actual paying clients? You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your social media engagement so you can measure if it has been worth the time investment you’ve put in, for example running a promotion on Facebook for a limited period should result in more sales etc.

Write out some aims on a monthly basis as a guide to approximately how much time will be spent on what platforms, by whom and roughly about what.

Add in if you are going to run a promotion or a hashtag # and what you hope to achieve from each activity. You could run the same campaign on Facebook first and then Twitter to see which is more successful for example. Don’t use Hashtags on Facebook though!


Review the strategy…

Did you meet your stated aim, is it something you want to repeat in the future or what do you need to try next? And then amend your strategy accordingly. Because things change and so should your responses to them.


YOUR Social Media Scheduling

One of the keys to successful social media usage IS in the planning as I have mentioned on this post. I like to research and plan updates up to a month in advance and then you can be assured that you have content to add organic content to each day as and when local events happen.

Take a look at my FREE social media scheduling table (Click on the image below to download) – Which is quite simple terms helps you to plan when and where – Handy for product launch build up, event build up, special occasions – You get the idea.

Social Media Schedule