Where do you stand on this? We know that we used to do this back in the early naughties to link build (you would comment on a blog post and then put your website link to this which would hopefully increase traffic to your site), but this was labourious and Google pulled us up on it.

We know that some business relationships were forged on this also. Blog post comments allowed the normal reader access to the webmaster / website owner / business owner / online marketing team and in turn opened up a whole direct dialogue with the author / editor and those at the top – But we have Twitter for that now. So what’s new?

Lots of blog sites (WordPress websites) are closing their comments sections down. I know that I personally find comments on my own blog annoying as they are mostly spam comments that need moderating, so I spend more time clearing them down than they are useful. Even comments from clients and business peers are usually supported by a text message asking if I’ve seen the comment!

They might as well be switched off in the first place. I’ve personally had my blog post comments switched off for a few years now.

The internet is a different place than it was 9 years ago. We have more traffic coming from social media than ever before and more traffic coming to our sites on mobile phone. Social media has evolved to be the place to comment on things and get a dialogue going (this is external in the case of the website but still works for edge rank in terms of SEO for Google Search). Twitter (as I’ve mentioned) is a great place for this and the reader will often read an article and come back out to comment (reply) on the original Twitter post to get their point across / show their support for the blogger.

We’ve all heard of trolls and quite frankly they just spoil it for everyone by clogging up the comment section. Too much comment moderation admin involved. Yuck.

A problem that a lot of my clients face and through no fault of their own, is that they just don’t receive enough blog site traffic to then get a decent comment section running. Unless this practice has been hammered home (usually through something they’ve done in the past. Or through a course that peers who support said business have been on and they’ve talked about it there, or made a pact to comment on each other’s blog posts) then people will seldom use the comments section. A lot of people don’t even know that it’s there.

Time to ditch I think! Ditching the comment section will also speed up the website’s loading time, which Google Search will appreciate you more for.

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