Blogging; How to keep it UP!

More importantly how to keep it up and get some sort of interaction with it, is something I get asked about a lot.

Most people find it rather soul destroying that once they’ve spent their time coming up with content that they think their client base would be interested in, writing the post, sourcing the pictures and posting something that then, as far as they can see at least, nothing happens to it.

The generally held opinion is that if you write good content then the readers will come. Well, only if you tell them that it is there! So do your self a favour and show your blog some love! With this is mind I’ve written my top 10 tips of things to do once you’ve written a post to help you get that interaction or at least see if anyone is reading it!


  1. Write a bit less content and promote what you already have on your blog more

This may sound a bit counter productive on a post about getting people to your content but it makes sense really, I promise! If you spend the time you would have spent taking ages to come up with content and carefully crafting it for your third post that month promoting the 2 previous posts you have written on and off line, you are likely to get higher traffic and therefore, hopefully, engagement! That does not mean spend less time creating those 2 posts but just stop at those 2 for now. When your site gets busier and you know you have regular readers you can up the amount of content so it stays beneficial to them.


  1. Check the keywords for your post

Before you hit publish on that post, think about what your keywords for that post (and that get your website found!) are. Then check they actually appear in the post! In the title, the first paragraph, the rest of the text at least once and in your meta description. It will help with the organic traffic that finds your blog.


  1. Share a link to your post on Twitter

Do it more than once!! One tweet will not reach all your followers. Spread them out across the day and week and share it again when you are focusing on that subject again as part of your social media plan. Also keep your introduction to the link short and interesting so people want to click. And so they can RT it without the need to edit.


  1. Add it to your Facebook page

And pin it to the top. Ask your fans to comment on the blog post and share it, if they found it’s content helpful of course! If you think it’s really relevant and you have a decent number of likes on your page, consider promoting that post.


  1. Pin it to a blog specific board on Pinterest

It can be helpful, depending on who you are targeting with your blog Pinterest especially if you have added a nice image, to get some extra potential traffic.


  1. Add a link to it on your LinkedIn

Again it is ok to do this more than once! Heck, if it’s relevant share it in one of your groups and ask for feedback but especially if it will answer someone’s question they have posted!


  1. Add it to your next newsletter

Then it goes out to people who are already interested in hearing what you have to say. Ask people to comment or share it if they find it useful/helpful/utterly fabulous and has changed how they do things!


  1. Email a few key people who you know will be interested in it

Whether that is a client who you know will benefit from the advice it contains or people who will share it on their networks for you. Make it a personal email and don’t ask the same person too often – people don’t like to be taken advantage of but are happy to help out once in a while.


  1. Tell people what you want them to do next

You can write the most searingly insightful content imaginable and then see no interaction at all on the post. Why? Well, did you actually say at the bottom “Leave me your thoughts in the comments below” or “Please share this article with your social networks if you found it helpful”.  If you haven’t told people what you would like them to actually do after reading they will just read and go.


  1. Monitor where traffic is actually coming from and where it goes to on your blog

Get a bit geeky with your Google analytics and see what is actually working for you. Where is your main source of traffic coming from? Can you do more there to improve your number of readers? Is it from your email list, then what can you do to grow that and add value? Is there a particular type of post that gets more attention – can you write more of those?