I’m sure that you are familiar with online viral content, memes and of course social media. These 3 things usually collide in a pretty good way around this time of year, for April the 1st, which is ‘April Fools Day’ here in the UK.

Traditionally a day of gags, jokes and humour; the internet a few years ago opened up the possibility to spread these types of joy to the masses. The big brands have been involved and most likely spend a whole year thinking up the next best thing.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourites and have also looked at some other fun content which isn’t necessarily linked to April Fools. I’ll also add to this post as I find more, so please keep checking back!


Jägermeister – The Jäger Balm Video

First up we’ve got the Jager Balm video – Made for your aches and pains, smooth on the balm and it will take your (painful) cares away…

Google – Google Gnome

Made for the garden, the Google Gnome will help with all of those tasks that the home hub helps with now. Have a smart yard and transform your outdoor experience.

Lego Vacuum Sorter – NEW – Coming soon in 2018

This is the revolutionary brick sorting vacuum. It’s features are to sort by colour, sort by brick type and separate the bricks from household dust. It’s also easy to empty (ready for your next building project (and has 5 speeds for picking up your favourite little Lego bricks).

National Trust – Stone Henge April Fools – British Summer Time

The NT did a great April Fools gag a few years back by showing us a video of them moving some of the stone circle on the Stone Henge Landscape so that the clock would be correct for British Summer Time.

Whitby – Digital Clock Display

Speaking of clocks, Whitby town centre got in on the action by installing a digital clock in one of the flower displays. Very future thinking and great for tourists alike.

Krispy Cream UK – Spell Check

In March 2017 (2 days before April 1st!) Krispy Kreme played a trick on their UK audience by changing the spelling to the UK way. They even went as far as changing their Twitter profile image, website and registering the correct domain name for the .co.uk business.

Greggs – Google My Business Hack – Providing…

In 2014 Greggs was the victim of a hack and an alternative logo popping up to anyone searching for the company. The alternative logo with it’s slogan appeared on the right of the Google Search screen. It was fun and fixed within a few hours.

Google Maps – Where’s Wally April Fools

An oldie but a goodie. Google usually run their Where’s Wally game inside Google Maps for the first week of April. It’s really easy to play and fun to spot Wally (Waldo in the US).

The Sun Emoji 50p Collection – Poo Emoji!

New for April Fools 2019.

Tinder Height Verification for April 2019

New for April Fools 2019.

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