Go to YouTube.com

Click on Sign In (blue box in the top right corner)

You will be taken to a ‘Google’ looking page – Put in your log in details.

There should be an Upload button (next to the YouTube logo and next to a white search bar), click on this.

Click on Select Files to Upload that is in the centre of the screen

You will then need to find the relevant file from your computer (hard-drive etc where it is stored)

Double click on the video (from the computer (hard-drive etc where it is stored)) which will start the uploading process.

Whilst it is uploading, you will need to fill in a few details (Which are all great for SEO by the way!)

Title: Make it informative and catchy

Description: Longer version of the title, giving a little more info about what the video shows, your business etc etc.

Tags: Single keywords / phrases that will get the video found on Google – postnatal fitness, prenatal fitness, personal trainer, fitness UK, etc etc.

Your video upload will count down – It can take anything up to an hour to upload a video, so don’t be alarmed at this – Please don’t switch off your computer during this time.

On the right hand side you can select from the list if the video is to be Public, Unlisted (maybe your members only?), or Private – Please select relevant type from the list.

You can also choose a category from the right hand side, which best fits your video.

On the right side of the screen you will see some social media icons – Leave Also Share to Google+ ticked. You can share with Facebook and Twitter later (Where you will have more control over what you are sharing)

When you have finished inputting this information, click on the Save Changes (blue button) bottom right corner.



If you need to see a list of all videos uploaded to YouTube – There is a Video Manager.

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