I have a very wide variety of clients and customers and included in these are a few independent Leicestershire and surrounding counties pubs, eateries, farm shops and restaurants. I do the websites, online marketing and onsite social media training for these.

A client recently sent me the below which I found really interesting and shows me that different industries are branching out in their appreciation for online marketing.

Does your website match up to these audit requirements? I’ll hasten to add that none of my websites show these results as I work closely with my clients to build and maintain the websites.

The content below really goes back to basics and I’ve added my own comments in brackets.

“Audit of pub and bar websites finds lack of basic functionality: An audit of more than 300 UK pub and bar websites has found many are missing out on customers because they lack the basic information and functionality required to meet pub-goers’ needs and expectations, according to digital pub and bar platform Use Your Local.

A seven-point system was used – whether the website was

1. legal and secure; (SSL, Privacy Policy (Cookies / GDPR) / Terms & Conditions)
2. mobile-friendly;
3. included key facts about the pub; (As well as Menus, must include the Post Code! And Opening Times / Phone number on every page.)
4. featured a consumer sign-up page; (Mailchimp?)
5. was compatible with social media; (Links to Social Media)
6. was attractive to look at;
7. and updated with current events taking place at the venue. (I’d like to see past events removed also).

An overall score was then awarded based on points accumulated – and the average was just 5/10. Use Your Local’s founder Stuart Mills said: “We know 73% of consumers are going online to find out information about pubs and bars before visiting them.

With the average pub’s website only scoring 5/10 there is a clear opportunity to improve and get more visitors through the door.

Astonishingly, we found nearly half of all the websites we audited were not even mobile-friendly. Given some two-thirds of (pub) online traffic is now primarily mobile-driven, that means there are significant numbers of consumers who just can’t find what they’re looking for.

The vast majority of sites lacked many of the fundamental requirements of being fully legal and secure, which obviously isn’t ideal, and most weren’t up to date with key details such as menus and upcoming events – the kind of information pub-goers expect to find on a website.”

Content courtesy of Use Your Local Dot Com. Feel free to use this link to find out more.

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