What’s the point of having a social media presence? Will it lead to more leads, conversions, brand engagement, awareness, sales, best pocket knife loyalty? You need to decide what you want to obtain from using Social Media for your business, how you want to be perceived by your clients, and answer that question of; what is the point?

Does your offline relationship with your audience tie in with your overall marketing strategy? Does you Brand Message match?

What will your online relationship be like with your audience? The same as your offline presence? a different brand with a different feel? Remember that your Online presence can often be a little more playful than offline. Do you want your social media strategy to be stronger than your offline marketing strategy?

What does your audience know about you today?

  • Nothing at all?
  • Aware of you but never acted?
  • Acted one?
  • Repeat actions/enthusiasts?
  • Advocates?

How do you want your audience to use your social media?

  • Conversationalists – Do you want to welcome online feedback or would it be too much of a time vacuum?
  • Critics – official reviews of your portfolio / unofficial reviews? What do they think?
  • Collectors – Can you get people to collect that of your content i.e. recipes, cook off videos
  • Joiners – customers who simply join your online ‘fan club’ to support best pocket knife you but don’t generally participate in your online activity
  • Spectators – They read your blogs/tweets, view your videos, and read your reviews
  • Inactive’s – None of the above and are in the main, time wasters

With a defined target audience we can then understand how to reach them via Social Media.

How will you encourage participation with your clients /audience?

How will you increase your followers, fans, hits…whatever the buzz word may be…?

What’s the soul of your brand? These brands have the following soul messages

  • Volvo = Safety
  • Apple = Innovation
  • Disney = Magic

How will you be human online?

  • You want your visitors to get to know you, the team, as humans – You need to volunteer information about your specialist areas of the business. In return readers will express their opinions
  • You want to get your visitors to get to know your other visitors – So ask questions, engage as much as possible, and incentivise them to come back for more.
  • Show your faces online – Through friendly smiles, doing what you do best, charity events and social events. Pictures can tell a story
  • Write in the first person – It is your biography, your blog
  • Be consistent – In your tone, voice and attitude
  • Keep your promises and set clear expectations – 250-350 words in a blog, have a great Twitter style, catchy headlines – You have those precious 8 seconds to tell them the benefit of the blog
  • Be yourself – Talk about your interests, passions, values, beliefs.  Don’t fake anything online…


How will you measure success?

  • Metrics are essential; consider both financial and non-financial outcomes.
  • Financial (increase revenue, reduce cost etc)
  • Non-Financial (Visitors to your sites, number of followers, fan, recommendations, connections, mentions or re-tweets)
  • Setup a spreadsheet so you can daily or weekly enter the figures and analyse what’s working and what’s not


Finally, consider what would constitute a failure…it’s good to know so you can then work towards pleasure and away from that potential pain.

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