It’s that time of year again. The evenings are drawing in, the festive food is in the shops and the weather is getting cold. Dare I say it? It’s the… C word season.. Christmas is upon us.

So it’s time to take stock of who’s been naughty and whose been nice (tech wise), and think about your approach to your Online Marketing and prep for Christmas 2018.

Prepare for traffic spikes to your website if you sell online. Ask your friendly website host (me!) if you are prepared for this. Yes you are will be the answer, but you want to be asking me about things like ‘bandwidth’. You may have to pull in a bit of extra effort to process your orders (Order Completes) but it will be worth it on the other side. I’ve got a video post about Order Completes if you need to know more.

Does your website snow? Ask me how. I’ve got a nifty little plugin which can do this. Doesn’t work on mobile (to save on data plans) which is  a bit poo, but it looks cool, especially if you start it in October haha.

Does your business have a Christmas specific ‘thing’? Christmas Menu? Offers Page? Event? Blog Post? If so, highlight these from the homepage and especially from the top navigation menu. Putting a button called “Christmas” as the top is the first step. Also, is your seasonal content on your website already? I know I was putting client Christmas Menus for Pubs onto websites on the last day of August (whilst we were still in a heatwave). So I know that the majority of my clients are prepped.

Are your policies up to date? So the GDPR stuff / cookies etc and general Terms & Conditions of business? Make sure that they are as added traffic will mean that people are checking them out.

Christmas Social Media. Take advantage of the extra stuff that’s around and photograph it for your Insta feed. Set yourself a photo challenge for December. Just get more content up is key. Social Media loves any season, so make this one to remember. I used a lot of highlighted Instagram Stories last year which went down well. Get the team out for a winter photo walk or trip to the local market which will go down with your viewers. Also they will want to see those tasteful Christmas party pics!

Hashtag Days on Social Media in December. I’ve taken the following from my post on this… How many can you do?

December 15th is Christmas Jumper Day #ChristmasJumperDay – Show your silliness in the workplace and wear a Christmas Jumper. Snap a photo of you and your colleagues doing it and share on social media.

December 18th is Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day #AnswerthePhoneLikeBuddytheElfDay – Simply answer the phone by saying “(Your Name) the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?”. Yes this is a thing!

December 23rd is Christmas Eve Eve #ChristmasEveEve – “Friends” fans will know about this one. Be like Phoebe and update social media with this hashtag today.

Email Marketing. 6 weeks in advance please. Get your seasonal message out there now so that people have time to prep, save and buy. It’s worth thinking about at least.


I hope you have a Happy ‘Organised’ Christmas!

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