Hashtag Days are really big at the moment, proving that there is an occasion to be celebrated for just about anything. Hashtag Days are a great way for you to update your social media with relevant up to the minute information plus they provide more content for you to share over the year.

Your customers will appreciate the reminders that you can provide them and Hashtag Days are a great way to gain social media engagement and social media conversation. We are talking about sharing updates that are more on the quirky side and you can make of them what you will.

Plot the Hashtag Days out on your social media content calendar. That way you will be able to check on any clashes with any other days or promotions / awareness that you have running.

Make sure that you check before using the #Hashtag(s) that they are relevant for your brand and business. Too much use or the wrong reasons will cause people to unfollow you.

Also before using please check that the right hashtags are popular or that they are trending. There are variations that get picked up e.g. #SmallBusinessSaturday / #SmallBizSat . So check which one has the most posts against it before using. This may also stop the use of those automated tweets if you need to check on the day!

As well as the Hashtag Days I’ve given below, you can celebrate the first of the month (each month) for just that, being the 1st of the month. Start a new month with a new leaf aspect.

Seasons are also popular, so celebrating the coming in of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. You will also find supermoon and midsummer dates represented in the press. Use these also, though they will change year upon year.

I will continue to update this blog post as more #Hashtag Days reveal themselves in 2018!


January Hashtag Days

January 4th is National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay – Surprise your followers with a trivial fact about your business.

January 25th is Opposite’s Day #OppositeDay – Swap some aspects of your business around and surprise your audience.

January 26th is Gossip Girl Day #GossipGirlDay – If you enjoyed the show then you will know that this is your ‘one and only source’ for celebrating Gossip Girl Day. Put on a headband and go shopping. Happy Gossip Girl Day! XOXO


February Hashtag Days

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay – Surprise your clients and customers with your random act of kindness.


March Hashtag Days

March 3rd is the National Day of Unplugging #NationalDayOfUnplugging – That’s right Let Me Organise You is going offline. Let’s see if I can survive with no access to the internet for a whole day! It will be blissful, I already know that!

March 7th is Be Heard Day #NationalBeHeardDay – Shout your message loud and pround on social media.

March 31st is World Back Up Day #WorldBackUpDay – I’m going to be making sure that the cloud drives are in order and reminding you all to do the same!


April Hashtag Days

April 13th is Make Lunch Count Day #NationalMakeLunchCountDay – Go on show us what you are having for lunch today. Top marks if you can make it a #selfie with your lunch!

April 23rd is Picnic Day #NationalPicnicDay – Much like earlier in the month this one involves food, but this time we are out in the fresh air ideally. Take the office on the road for the afternoon!

April 25th is Telephone Day #NationalTelephoneDay – Show your appreciation for the tool which makes running a business that so much easier.


May Hashtag Days

May 4th is World Password Day #WorldPasswordDay – Time to brush up and make sure that you are secure. Maybe your password is something funny which makes it easier to remember?

May 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day #NoDirtyDishesDay – That’s right, let’s keep up with our housekeeping. Set yourself the challenge.


June Hashtag Days

June 21st is Selfie Day #NationalSelfieDay – A middle year highlight I think! Show your best side and don’t be afraid to do it!

June 27th is Sunglasses Day #NationalSunglassesDay – Shame we couldn’t add these to the selfie! Look cool while you go about your business in a pair of sunnies.

June 30th is Social Media Day #SMDay – We get our own day! Celebrate with everything reach, engagement, and sharing!


July Hashtag Days

July 15th is Give Something Away Day #GiveSomethingAwayDay – Your change to pay it forward and offer a good will gesture.

July 29th is Lipstick Day #NationalLipstickDay – Slap on the lippy and take a selfie. What’s your favourite colour?


August Hashtag Days

August 15th is Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay – This is a good time to have some fun in the sun.

August 27th is Just Because Day #JustBecauseDay – The perfect excuse to celebrate just because. There are many things that you can do today, just because.


September Hashtag Days

September 15th is International Dot Day #InternationalDotDay – They can be polka dots or full stops. Celebrate everything that is the dot today!

September 30th is International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay – Shout out what you favourite ones or promote your own.


October Hashtag Days

October 1st is International Coffee Day #InternationalCoffeeDay – Yay! Selfie your coffee cups and tell us what your favourite beverage of the coffee variety is.

October 16th is Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day #CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay – Great chance to have a clean-up. Let’s do the inbox whilst we are at it.

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day #NationalPumpkinDay – Looking towards Halloween this is the day to show your carvings off.

October 29th is Internet Day #InternetDay – Let us know what you like about the internet and how it helps you in your business.

October 30th is Checklist Day #ChecklistDay – Time to get organised. Share a snap of your check list whilst you are at it.


November Hashtag Days

November 1st is Author’s Day #NationalAuthorsDay – Let your inner author out and raise social media awareness about your written content today.

November 13th is World Kindness Day #WorldKindnessDay – Show that you care. Do a selfless good deed.

November 17th is Unfriend Day #NationalUnfriendDay – Have a clean up of your social media friends. A detox may be what you just might need.

November 21st is Entrepreneurs Day #NationalEntrepreneursDay – Be proud of what you have achieved and share this on social media. You could also share some tips too.

November 24th is Black Friday (2017) #BlackFriday – Share you best online deals and savings to be had. Set up an eCommerce shopping cart code. This date does vary year on year and falls on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. Please check back for new dates.

November 27th is Cyber Monday (2017) #CyberMonday – As with Black Friday you can share your best sales deals. Just updates your graphics for Monday. This date does vary year on year and falls on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. Please check back for new dates.


December Hashtag Days

December 1st is National Cookie Day #NationalCookieDay – Celebrate with a cookie. Show this on social media.

December 2nd is Small Business Saturday (2017) #SmallBusinessSaturday – This day helps to raise awareness of small business and hopefully kerbs customers buying from the bigger chains for the day. Highlight your strength in customer service on this day. This date does vary year on year. Please check back for new dates.

December 5th is International Ninja Day #InternationalNinjaDay – Show your secret special skills off on social media by joining this hashtag.

December 15th is Christmas Jumper Day #ChristmasJumperDay – Show your silliness in the workplace and wear a Christmas Jumper. Snap a photo of you and your colleagues doing it and share on social media.

December 18th is Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day #AnswerthePhoneLikeBuddytheElfDay – Simply answer the phone by saying “(Your Name) the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?”. Yes this is a thing!

December 23rd is Christmas Eve Eve #ChristmasEveEve – “Friends” fans will know about this one. Be like Phoebe and updates social media with this hashtag today.

December 30th is Bacon Day #BaconDay – Yay! It gets a whole day. Show us your best bacon eating ways. I’m thinking with maple syrup and pancakes!


Enjoy these and as mentioned I will be updating this post as and when new days / ideas come up, so keep checking back…



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