I send helpful information like this to clients on a regular basis and often when they need to do something specific to their website. I’m a great believer of training and doing it yourself to your website where there is time and capacity. These helpful instructions will also help you to update your WordPress / Divi Slider and Blurbs. These are both modules in Divi so we look at the settings for these.


Updating the Slider

Navigate to Edit the Welcome page as usual

Click the “Hamburger Menu” on the Fullwidth Slider

slider update divi 2


The individual slides are laid out as light grey boxes. Click on the Hamburger Menu for each of these to access.

slider update divi 1


Once in you can change the Background Image by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the cog for background.

slider update divi 3



If you want to change or add text to a slide then you can do this on the same screen, but scroll up and put wording into the Visual Editor.

slider update divi 4


The larger text, or slide’s title is done under Heading which is at the top of this screen.

slider update divi 5


Once all changes have been made, click on the green Save button.

slider update divi 6


If you want to add another slide in, you can clone one which is already there. Click on the duplicate or clone button and then edit the slide’s content as above.

slider update divi 7


After all changes have been made to the Slider, click on the Save & Exit button.

slider update divi 8


Once all changes have been made to the page you are working on, click on the Update button which will upload all changes to the live website (usual in WordPress).

slider update divi 9



Updating the Images on the Homepage (Blurbs)


These are the sections on the website’s homepage where you can change / add the seasons / Menus in. Please use the same image set up which we have always used.


Change the title as is already there.


The URL to the new page (link) can be swapped out as follows. Have the destination page open in a new tab and copy and paste the link in from there.

slider update divi 10


Swap out the image a bit further down.

slider update divi 11




Click on Save & Exit as above.


Click on Update as normal.



You can add more in by cloning the row, which is the green section. Even numbers only as they are in 2’s.

slider update divi 12

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