Instagram stories on social media are a great way of sharing your on the go and fast moving content. They are also great if you have a little too much content from a day or week as you can keep your followers and ‘lurkers’ up to date with what is going on daily without spamming your own aesthetic IG feed.

00 IG Stories Awareness 2 00 IG Stories Awareness 1

Story posts are also a fun way to share content with overlay stickers, hashtags, location tags, emojis, temperature sticker, doodles and fun slogans. You can get really creative!

Stories are also good because you can take a look at exactly who is looking at your content and gain a personable look into your audience.

Lurkers IG Stories LMOU

I’ve written about IG stories before on my blog so do take a look at my previous post.

Now we have a new feature… You can now share Spotify songs directly to your Instagram story which produces a link directly to the Spotify app. It’s a great way to share content which inspires you and is making your day better! This feature links these 2 great social media platforms together seamlessly.

For music creators and lovers this provides a ‘deep link’ to push users into the Spotify app to listen to music. This is a great leap for non-verified accounts which this feature was previously only available on.

You’ll need the latest versions of Spotify and Instagram on your phone to do this and your Spotify app will also need to be online (Mine’s often offline as I listen to music in the car!).

To post your first Spotify song to your Instagram story you will need to do the following…

Open your Spotify app and find the song you want to share. Better if the inspo strikes while your music is already playing! Tap on the 3 dots on the song screen.

1 Spotify to IG Stories

On the next screen, tap on Share.

2 Spotify to IG Stories

On the next screen tap on Instagram Stories.

3 Spotify to IG Stories

Next you’ll need to open Instagram, the app will do this for you, just click on the button.

4 Spotify to IG Stories

Now you can customise your story post screen. I’ve tilted my song choice and have added some stickers.

5 Spotify to IG Stories

The day of the week sticker probably isn’t in the best place as per the later screen! Tap to add to your story.

6 Spotify to IG Stories

Check out your story post. The ‘deep link’ to open Spotify is now present.

7 Spotify to IG Stories

I usually add my story posts to my highlights so that the content can stay around for abit longer. You can do this be tapping on Highlight in the bottom right corner as your story post is playing.

I think highlights add a nice addition to your Instagram bio. They certainly add colour and can be grouped. My current trend for highlights is seasons.

IG Stories Highlights Let Me Organise You

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