We are looking to the New Year and that means resolutions, intentions, goal setting and a review of the year just passed. Sounds cheesy, but in with this you may want to review your current website and ask what it bought you in 2017 and if it didn’t bring anything or much, then why? Also while we are on the subject, how long has your current website design been active. If it’s nearing the 3 year mark, contact me…


Are you coming up in Google Search for what you believe your potential customers are typing in? I don’t mean if they type in your business name – You really should come up on page 1 then!

I mean if they type in something like “Online Marketing” for a business like mine, or “Wordpress Training”. Both of these terms can also be followed by the locality (Leicester) as that will bring up local business depending on the users Google settings and previous searches (Don’t get me started!).


Anyway… try terms like this for your business. Where are you? If you aren’t coming up at all there may be a reason why. Is your existing website built using WordPress?


Does your website also look great on a mobile phone? I don’t mean that it appears (they all do that), but does it look different to the desktop version, do you have a list of images, rather than them spreading across the page? Is your menu in the newer hamburger style? You don’t have to pinch and zoom to see the detail on your website do you? If any of these things aren’t working for you then it might be time to consider a website make over.


It’s been the case for a while now but Google marks down website which don’t perform properly on mobile phone, so if your competitors are enjoying more success on Google Search then this might be a reason.


You probably have a really nice website design already (a website should be bright, inviting and make the user want to click to different parts, particularly the Contact page!), but it just isn’t working for you. In which case someone like myself (a website designer!) could do a ‘reskin’ for you. It means that the basic structure and look are ‘copied’ to WordPress / Divi Builder Framework and then updated elements are added, bringing your website into 2018.


There have been some major updates on the way different elements of a website are presented of late, particularly social media icons, flexibility on email marketing (MailChimp) sign up and contact forms. Modern WordPress websites are using less plugins than ever before, which means less chance of hacking and quicker load speeds. Images look better on websites now as screen sizes have gotten bigger / use Retina Display so we can go up to 2000px in width on a landscape image (as long as it’s saved to a low DPI in Photoshop of course!)


The Re Skin process means that you can have a slightly off hand approach in the website design as the majority of the website’s look is complete. You are busy and have a business to run. You have been down this route before and if I agree that elements of the old site will work then this is great and we are good to go.


I’ll do some fancy work behind the scenes to make sure that you don’t lose any important past SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) actions. And I’ll breath some life into old blog posts (if they were there in the first place. Often they aren’t, or aren’t listed in the ‘dynamic content’ aspect of WordPress, so I’ll sort that.)


All of this will breathe a fresh outlook into your website for 2018 and after we re-launch, and the site has had a couple of weeks to get picked up by Google’s Spiders then you will start to see results.

Of course there is plenty of work to do. This doesn’t stop and working on something month on month helps (more about that on my other posts) but you have a good grounding for online marketing success in 2018.

If you like what you have read, or are abit confused, or now need some tea and cake – Then get in touch! Use the Contact Me form on this website and I’ll get right back to you!