Infographics are big for Online Marketing your business, particularly if you are a service business based and don’t always have a lot of product photography to share. People absorb information in different ways and not may always read a wall full of search engine friendly text! Infographics can quickly go viral as they are quick and easy to share. Normal content can even be shown as an infographic putting a new spin on it – Such as an ordering process, or menu maybe.

Timelines are a great infographic type to show your audience the journey of something over time (doh!) – So business evolution, change in technology or way of doing something, future predictions, staff changes, endless possibilities! Take a look at one I’ve created as an example for you.

Using Canva, which is a FREE online template driven graphic building piece of genius – You just need to log in with a social network – I usually use Facebook as they already have most of my life’s information anyway! Once logged in, I seleted Blog Graphic, and then had a scroll about – There are loads of flow chart graphics on there, which make great info graphics. I edited it abit and then saved as hi-res to gain the largest size. It then downloaded to my Mac in the Downloads folder and I can upload to Social Media from there. Great stuffs.

Flow charts, ven diagrams, and maps all make for good infographic types. I’m using this simple timeline infographic and I hope it inspires you to create something for your business to then share on social media and on your website / blog.

shower-dressed DIY Infographic