The following will do what it says on the tin really!

1. Your Products in Use

A powerful way to tell your company’s story is through photos of people using your products or services in the real world.

BlueBell Inn Rothley Actor Pictured


2. Behind-the-Scenes

More & more businesses share photos taken behind the scenes.

These images work great for providing an authentic voice for your brand.

And don’t forget to add the best Instagram hashtags for your industry.

Behind the Scenes Instagram - Let Me Organise You

Behind the scenes - Instagram


3. Selfies

Selfies are pretty much taking over social media – especially Instagram! Get in the club and take a selfie of the team. Take a selfie when you are out and about – Yes you’ll feel a little silly, but what the heck!

Instagram selfie 2016



When you’re out of ideas, share a popular, funny or inspiring quote.

Quotes get some of the strongest engagement on Instagram!

But again, don’t forget to add Instagram hashtags like #quote or #quotes.

Quote share on Instagram


5. Memes

Your Instagram account will feel fun & light-hearted when you sprinkle in a few memes.

Sometimes you can even create a meme about your business or product. You’ll need some graphic software for this – You are essentially layering text over an image.

Kind of a MEME share on Instagram


6. Video

You’re allowed to post videos on Instagram – Just enough time to provide fans an intimate peek at your company, or behind the scenes or day out!

Behind the scenes video - Let Me Organise You - Instagram


7. Throwback Thursday or #TBT

Thursdays are when Instagram users share images from the past. They could be photos from when your company was just starting out, or images from fun company parties or outings of yesteryear.

On #TBT, the possibilities are endless! You can also use the Hashtag #FBF or #FlashbackFriday to do the same thing all again on a Friday!

Throw Back Thursday at Let Me Organise You


8. Funny Photos

Funny pics help lighten the mood & will portray your business as a company with heart – and a sense of humour!

Make someone laugh & they will Like or comment on your pic.

Funny pic at Let Me Organise You Instagram


9. Daily Life

Photograph what you see on your way to work or when you’re at the park… then share those images with your friends. #FromWhereIStand

Daily Life Let Me Organise You - Instagram


10. Something Different Each Day

Take a 30-day photography challenge when you’re really feeling daring!

30 day photo challenge - Instagram

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