I get asked this a lot as there is still confusion around the subject. We mostly know what hashtags do by now but gaining the correct one for your event or business can still prove a struggle. The good news is that you don’t need to register anything, and it doesn’t need to cost you anything, but you do need to do great at searching.

It’s ideal that your hashtag can be used on both Twitter and Instagram as they are the popular go to social medias these days which use hashtags (Please don’t use Hashtags on Facebook and LinkedIn as it’s just cringe! Sorry, not sorry for saying this…) Even hashtag usage is slightly different on Twitter and Instagram but let’s get the basics right firstly.

so how do i register a hashtag

Your hashtag needs to be quick for someone to type in and reflect well in printed media (PR) also. You often see hashtags on TV programs, which flash up as the intro credits roll. The hashtag needs to be noted down quickly in this instance. In case of TV programs, people can then follow along with the online gossip from home after doing a search on the hashtag to see what everyone else is saying about this topic at the same time. Like a virtual gathering if you will. If this gets popular enough then you have got yourself a ‘trend’.

The best thing when choosing a hashtag (searching) for your event is not to hijack someone elses. You will only get their updates mixed in with yours and it makes it hard for the audience, who will be looking for your content and reportage from the day.

Do make sure that your hashtag can’t be misinterpreted. Words look slightly different when squashed together without spaces and the most innocent of taking out of these spaces can create new words. Yes it does happen. I often use the ‘hashtag fail’ of Susan Album Party (Susan Boyle) when I’m training. If you want to work this one out then take put the punctuation and the spaces, and what do you get?!

susan album party hashtag fail

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