Firstly, I want to say that I’m against Guest Blogging and that I don’t want you to guest blog and not have guest blog posts on your own blog, BUT I want you to be cautious of the whys, and what may be lurking behind the scenes.

It might be worth me defining just exactly what a guest blog post is. You are basically submitting content you have written about a subject in an article format (as you would for your own blog), in exchange that it then has a link on the bottom of said article, that links back to your own site.

So it’s the link from that particular site that you are really interested in. Hopefully the website you are linking from carries some influence with Google Search so your site can piggy back onto this… It balls down to time vs. what the link is worth to you… Remember that we shouldn’t be paying physical money for links and link building and therefore ‘page rank’ on Google Search. Never pay for links I repeat.

You can also see how well links to your website are preforming in Google Analytics by looking in the Acquisition / All Traffic / Referrals.

Sites like the Huffington Post are actually guest blogging sites and they do quite nicely in the tech world. People will jump through a lot of hoops to get featured on their site. So guest blogging can’t be all bad. Can it?

I’ve been featured / have featured on a few guest blog posts over the years. Notably here and here.

As you can imagine not all websites are created equally (not referring to the above!). There were an abundance of spammy sites where you could submit blog content in the early Twenty Teens, but this content then got duplicated around the web. Not cool. Please don’t confuse this with how we are using LinkedIn for Blogging today in 2018. You can read about that more on my blog here.

Back in 2014 (Can you believe that was 4 years ago now?) Google Search put its foot down with it’s Penguin update on guest blogging as there was too much spam on the internet. They later moved their stance to “dim view”. They backed this up in 2017 by reminding us about links through guest blogging and the abuse of this. Guest blogging is dead. Oops!

To be fair around these times people were bored with guest blogging. They’d tired it, it hadn’t worked. Yes some people had authoritative links on sites (OK it’s more PR but I’ve got a client who still gets hits from an article on The Guardian back to their website from an article they did way back when…) but what were guest blog posts really doing?

So now we aren’t using guest blog post to impress the Google Search, and that is why it’s pants.

Now you have to do it for more than the link. Do you know the person? Maybe you own someone a favour? Maybe they owe you a favour? Guest blogging should support your own blog efforts. There is no point in relying on guest posts to fill up your blog because you can’t come up with any content yourself. Google won’t like the inconsistency of writing styles.

See, lot’s of hoops to jump through. Is it worth it? You might as well write another blog article of your own and pop some outgoing links in from your business adventures!

If you are going to have guest’s on your blog then double check that the website who wants to link back to you is decent and relevant to your business. This won’t work if you are an electrician and the local farm shops wants to guest blog around local beer brewing on your blog!

Make sure that your content is going to be double checked and possibly lightly edited and written into a context. E.g. an introduction put before your article. We don’t need just anything publishing on the web! This will ensure quality also. You should be communicating with real people for this and not submitting content to a site via a form where it will then get automatically published onto the blog.

In fact, to back that up, does the website where you are blogging to have a UK postal / contact address on the site? Phone number? Copyright year up to date? SSL certificate present on the website? If not then pull them up on this.

As I always say with SEO types things, don’t write for the search engine. Don’t stuff your article full of keywords e.g. “Coach Leicester wanted to write this article today”. Write for your human audience to read and make the written word make sense. And keep content original of course. Don’t recycle.

Don’t earn all of your links from guest blogging, and so make sure you have some links in other places too. Check out this quick list on Link Building, this list isn’t exhaustive and you might need to look at some more PR efforts for some of these.


  • Sponsor a local sports team and have them link back to your site
  • Donate / contribute to charity and get a link to your site back from theirs (sorry if that sounds selfish!)
  • Be featured in your local ‘newspaper’ and gain a link back from their website
  • Get your website link on your suppliers’ website
  • Link from your business partners / affiliations / business BFF websites
  • Join a business networking group which provides a link to your website on it’s members page
  • Attend an event and you’ll usually get a link on your website from the attendees list
  • Look at industry specific directories and review sites, make sure that your link in on your bio e.g. Trip Advisor


So is Guest blogging good for SEO? In a (very small) word yes BUT don’t rely on it and please take into account all that I’ve said above. Provide useful, high quality and thoughtful content and you should be fine.

You’ll just need to invest some time into this and that’s why it can be pants!

If you like what you have read, or are abit confused, or now need some tea and cake – Then get in touch! Use the Contact Me form on this website and I’ll get right back to you!