Who doesn’t love a good selfie?

Having a personalised Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Frame can really make your business’ Online / offline Marketing message pop. Helping to combine your (‘what I call’) Clicks and Mortar sides of business, your brand can come across in a really fun and forward thinking way.

Also known as Selfies Frames and Photo Booth Frames; Social Media Frames come in a variety of designs. My tip would be to find a look that is most current to social media changes at present (November 2017). Also having the frame look as social medias do on mobile I think is key.

Social Media Frames Events LMOU

The best results I’ve had with the frame is when used with a selfie stick. It may be a little complicated trying to hold onto everything and get 3 people in a frame (for example), but the angles look better!

A wise marketing investment, frames are usually made of printed foam board and are quite big in size, so you’ll need to be careful transporting the finished and delivered frame to your event.

Social Media Frames Events LMOU

You can have you frame customised with hashtags where relevant (Twitter and Instagram only please!) and your business name / page to look like an actual social media post on your feed. That is the idea here. You are essentially bringing your social media to life.

Asking people at events or when they come to visit your business to take a photo in the selfie frame is a great ice breaker. And of course gives you the excuse for generating content to post on social media that day, whether it be in an album, on your feed on your live accounts (Instagram (disappearing content) disappears in 24 hours).

Social Media Frames Events LMOU

Once your potential clients see themselves in your selfie frame they will want to share the post. This is a great was to gain more social media engagement. You can tag clients and potential clients on the social media posts which means that they will get notifications are likely to share more.

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