Sue York Make Up Artist

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Client Sue York Make Up Artist
Date July 2017 (Original HTML Website by LMOU July 2010)
Skills Website Design, Training, Website Hosting, SEO, WordPress Updates

Fully Mobile Responsive

Rebecca has been ‘a breath of fresh air’ to work with. She is so easy to get on with, understanding and interpreting exactly what I wanted as the client. She communicates in a very clear, easy to understand manner, without resulting to “techie speak”, which with previous web designers, I had been so disillusioned with.

Being a female, creative business, I wanted a web designer that could convey me as a person and my work in my website and that is exactly what Rebecca has done. I am thrilled with the results and really feel that she has added value to my business.

I have also had a poster size picture produced of ‘Sarah’, the bride on my website homepage and put that on my ‘stand’ and a lot of brides recognised her and said they’d been looking on my site.

It just shows you the impact a good website can have… Thank you Rebecca.

Sue York

Sue York Make Up Artist

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