Become a Virtual Assistant

Case Study

A side business project of my own here at Let Me Organise You. When I first started my business in 2010 I set up and took on a lot of Virtual Assistant services for clients. I became a very good VA, specialising more in the technical and social media set up side of things. I did a lot of work, and also learned a lot about starting a business by going on courses and networking, so much so that it became apparent that I could help others to get into the same position without have to put that effort in due to time and financial restraints. This was apparent at the research stage of business and also for the knowing what is needed and when – It’s very hard to start with a blank screen sometimes!

During the summer of 2016 I actually took off any VA services from my own website and stopped marketing myself as a VA instead concentrating on the Online Marketing side of the business. I moved my Become a Virtual Assistant document pack onto it’s own website using Divi Website Builder and WooCommerce and haven’t looked back since. Using real life examples and my own blog posts to push this through Google.

Project Details

Client Become a Virtual Assistant UK
Date August 2016
Skills Website Design, SEO, Website Hosting, WordPress Updates

Fully Mobile Responsive

A Shiny New Website

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