It has been bought to my attention recently how important business branding is for website design. For myself in particular to create a decent website design for a client I need a solid basis of colours, feel, images / backgrounds, fonts and of course a logo.

Branding your business correctly can get your message represented in the right way. You become known for the right reasons and as an expert in your field. Correct branding helps people to instantly know what you do and therefore come to you when they need help!

It is surprising how many business don’t have this in place, or have a logo but it is out of date. Creativity for a good and clear website design can only be based (in my case) on something that is already there.

So I thought I’d give my Branding Blog Post a re-boot and look at some of the finer points as an aid to business looking to get this right.

Your Business Brand

Branding is the art of turning your business message into a visual format

Having a good brand means you need less explanation of what you do when you introduce yourself – This will also become apparent when people view your content online – Your website and content will start to work for you, and clients will come and ask for your product or service.

Your brand is a ‘salable’ asset e.g. with Nike 76% of their money is in their brand. Imagine what this kind of power could have for your business? People are invested in a logo.

Everybody develops a brand perception, this is what someone really thinks in his or her head about your brand – You have less control over it than you realise. Get it right thought and it helps clients to make a committed decision to buy from your business.

Branding your business correctly benefits from a 50/50 rule: 50% of your brand attracts clients, 50% projects your professional image. Get it right and you are onto a winner! Good branding will allow you to charge your worth.

A good brand allows for social media recognition. Your logo is recognisable when used for a profile image for say a Facebook Business page – That in turn means that your logo is ‘passed around’ the social network as likes and comments are gained and content shared which equates to FREE online marketing and brand recognition!

Using the lesser known colour wheel can help business to decide what works in terms of looks and feel from a creative side.

color wheel poster branding

The Branding Iceberg

This is based on the iceberg theory; the large portion under the surface is what brands are based on – this forms the basis of your business if you like. The portion above the surface is the visible part, the bit that others (including your customers) can see.

So, in your brand iceberg are these two parts connected? If they are, it means that the visible section (your business logo, graphics, website, colours, images etc.) is connected and based upon your brand strategy such as your USP, your vision for the business and is relevant to your target audience.

Branding Iceberg

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