This is a very quick and dirty post to explain the difference between vs.

  • Limited to themes
  • No custom plugins
  • Storage Space limit: 3GB and no videos
  • Limited control of content
  • Other people can advertise on your site
  • You cannot use custom themes
  • No FTP access to your files for security reasons – this means you can’t actually get at the files which are making up the website
  • Website is hosted on – so your domain name will be something like (instead of your own classy name!)
  • get all of your traffic
  • is a business, they want to make money by providing you with a website and so there are restrictions
  • No maintenance responsibilities – they do it all
  • THEY own the copyright to ALL content you post on there
  • Content can be taken offline without your permission – Because well, they own it…

  • Use any free or commercial plugin you want – and trust me the sky is the limit on what you can get your WordPress site to do for your business
  • It uses your domain name
  • Add and edit files via FTP
  • Tweak WordPress and server settings to improve performance
  • Full control of your content – no ads
  • Videos, audios – You can embed content the lot
  • Your maintenance and hosting responsibilities
  • Full monetisation to sell your stuff, sell other peoples stuff, charge to view content!! Think Google AdSense here…
  • Full blown e-commerce site if you want it
  • Bespoke design options
  • You ‘own’ the traffic
  • You own the copyright to YOUR content


The Biggie Between and for Business Owners is Control, control, control, control.

You must have control of your online real estate (just like any aspect of your business) if your business is to be your own and grow. Your online real estate represents your brand and I’m afraid that because of the limitations for theme options, fonts, content restrictions and plugins just screams amateur.


Are you still confused about whether to pick or

Here’s the bottom line  – if you are serious about your business, then it’s hands down!