Social Media Update Summer 2015

So what’s new or nearly new in the world of social media? I’ve been finding out…


  • Use portrait images so that they look better on mobile devices.
  • Friends mentioning business pages in updates will spread the cover e.g. “we’ve been @here today and had a great time”



  • Multiple photo upload to 1 status update
  • Twitter ‘person’ photo tagging not counted in 140 characters
  • Can pin an update to the top of your twitter profile
  • You can now mute a person in your feed (see picture below – Sorry Sarah, I’m not going to mute you!)

Mute people on Twitter Summer 2015

  • Animated GIFS now accepted on Twitter (See pic)

Animated GIF on Twitter Summer 2015



  • Still key for business-to-business IF we use it proactively!!
  • Still more Linkedin use on computer (not mobile)
  • Over 50’s still outnumber everyone else!
  • Professional profiles still let us add images and video to profile
  • Relationship info tab will remind you to call someone by emailing you IF you set it up the right way
  • #tagging will let you target people who fall under this tag (Also look to people tags for this)
  • Pulse will let you come across as breaking the news
  • Showcase pages as replacement for products
  • Like and comment as a company – Good for multiple employees in a company e.g. when someone leaves
  • Embedded blog post WITHIN Linkedin (LI posting)
  • Full size banner TO ADD to profile (Premium only)



  • Guided Search means Pinterest is still a good place to go for inspiration – Crowd sourced



  • 540 million active monthly users
  • More interaction than anywhere else!
  • Beta post ads (side right)
  • Custom URL for page
  • Add people to your circles directly from a post
  • Google+ Communities allow you more flexibility than other social networks
  • Larger images can be used
  • Send email OR Google+ update – Good integration with these features
  • Add people to your circles
  • +1 posts
  • Different views for people’s profiles
  • Events listing
  • Duplicate events so for something you use 1 year later – Send notification to those people who responded e.g. last year
  • Join community with 1 click
  • Google my business – Google+ map page and Google+ business page (local map) from the same dashboard
  • Target audience (tho limited e.g. age and country) for your PAGE
  • Google Hangouts
  • YouTube integration into this dashboard – As we know this is the 2nd most used search engine
  • YouTube can now have 3 second branding video to play before your video starts
  • YouTube auto translation for the future
  • YouTube for Kids for the future



  • Predicted to become the hottest social network for BRANDS
  • Company page – Can share your users onto this page e.g. Disney page
  • Instagram video was added in July 2013



  • 6 second video clip
  • 67 million users
  • Video clip made up of lots of little bits
  • Vanity URL