Search Engine Optimisation Google's Actual Pigeon Update

What’s new in the Google search “Pigeon” update?

Title tags should be 55 characters now – Else you’ll fall off the end…

Google places has changed to Google+ local…. Incorporates your Google+ business page now too. Profile image is now a circle and has a large cover image (Like Facebook and Twitter). You can verify your website in here too.

Bing reviews are coming from Trip Advisor

Data on Bing maps IS data on Google Maps

Guest blog posts… Are not good for building links to your website anymore.

Duplicate content is still a big no, no.

Free press release websites have taken a hit. Panda 4.0 May 2014.

Anchor links should not use so many keywords. Use business name and click here only.

Manual penalties, are link sources coming from the wrong kind of website e.g directories (rectified by issue from webmaster tools). Mainly true from older websites.


The type of link building links to avoid

  • Free directories
  • Article directories
  • Blog comment spam
  • Forum post spam
  • Paid link networks
  • Link exchange networks
  • Site wide links e.g. In footer or sidebar
  • Free press release sites
  • Guest posting


What works now in terms of Content Marketing?

Ideas (these are actual pages ON your website, not necessarily blog post) that people then link to. So I might build up a page of referred information, create an infographic, how to, research, case studies and briefs. Like PR but with different contents each time.


SEO Focus 2015

Regular, quality fresh content on your site – must be unique and well written if text

Build your social media networks – your distribution channel for content

Practice your outreach – the art of persuasion is key

Responsive design is best for Google

Load time important

Verify ownership for each version of site in webmaster tools


Google My Business Local

Local businesses are coming up in search results – Even if you search nationally.

SEO Update Business Website Development

Change of content will prompt search spiders and robots to come back and take another look – Dynamic content such as blog posts are key to this.


So what else do we need to know?

Add more content, don’t just change punctuation. Need to searches to happen though.

Sitemaps are still key.

Check the WPEngine Reviewed 2017 and rankings for key search terms – Firefox / SEO Book / Install plugin / Change default to. / delay between queries set to 4.

Can then run the report as and when / save as CSV.

Google crawl budget – There is only so much time – So broken links, bounce rates, pages that don’t exist are a big no, no!

Image alt text – Use a descriptive image, not a search term.

Title tag IS KEY – Also called Anchor Test for those that wanted to know.

Meta keywords aren’t used and never will be – Write your keywords up in the Meta description place.

Header tags still relevant – These need to be done and can be actioned in your own website by YOU!

Links really are key. Build these outside of business and then show on your site – Google will see that you are a genuine biz and like you more!